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Richmond, Virginia
County: Richmond City County
Phone: 804-225-3314
District School Count: 70
Students in District: 1046
Schools In Department Of Correctional Education

Appalachian Detention Ctr
Augusta Corr Ctr
Barrett Juvenile Corr Ctr
Baskerville Corr Ctr Unit #4
Beaumont Expansion Juvn Cor Ct
Bland Corr Ctr
Bon Air Expansion Corr Ctr
Botetourt Cor Unit #25
Brunswick Correctional Ctr
Buckingham Corr Ctr
Caroline Cor Unit #2
Chatham Diversion Center
Chesterfield Diversion
Coffewood Corr Ctr
Cold Springs Cor Unit #10
Culpeper Juvenile Corr Ctr
Deep Meadow Cor Cntr
Deerfield Cor Cntr
Dillwyn Corr Ctr
Dinwiddie Cor Unit #27
Divers Ctr For Women/southamp
Fairfax Corr Ctr Unit #30
Fairfax Day Reporting Ctr
Fluvanna Corr Ctr For Women
Greensville Corr Ctr Unit A
Greensville Corr Ctr Unit B
Greensville Corr Ctr Unit C
Halifax Cor Unit #23
Harisonburg Diversion Ctr
Harrisonburg Men`s Div Center
Haynesville Corr Ctr
Haynesville Corr Ctr Unit #17
Indian Creek Corr Ctr
James River Cor Cntr
John H Smyth School @ Hanover Juv
Joseph Mastin School @ Bon Air
Keen Mountain Corr Ctr
Lawrenceville Corr Ctr
Lunenburg Correctional Ctr
Marion Corr Treatment Ctr
Mecklenburg Rec & Classifica
Norfolk Day Reporting Cntr
Nottaway Correctional Center
Oak Ridge Juvenile Corr Ctr
Patrick Henry Cor Unit #28
Paul S Blandford School @ Beau
Pocohantas Cor Unit #13
Powhatan Cor Cntr
Powhatan Reception & Classifi.
Pulaski Corr Ctr Unit #1
Reception And Diagnostic Cntr
Red Onion State Prison
Richmond Day Reporting Cntr
Rustburg Corr Ctr Unit #9
Southampton Cor Cntr
Southampton Intensive Treat Ct
Southampton Recep. & Classif.
St Brides Cor Cntr
Stafford Detention Center
Staunton Cor Cntr
Sussex I State Prison
Sussex Ii State Prison
Tazewell Corr Ctr Unit #31
Thunder Ridge
Tidewater Women`s Det Ctr
Va Correctional Cntr For Women
Virginia Wilderness Institute
Wallen`s Ridge Corr Ctr
White Post Detention Center
Wise Corr Ctr Unit #18
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